Thursday, February 5, 2009

sample generic dog sits alone in the shade

A generic dog is seen today, contemplating his life's worth, while relaxing in this environment

A lonely dog sat lazily in the shade today, while his paws in the sun.

An unnamed dog sat alone today, partially in the shade, and partially in the sun. The dog said he wanted to sit only in the shade, but as the sun changed positions in the sky, a sliver of light broke through, covering his paws.
"I initially wanted to scoot my paws back into the shaded portion," the dog said. "But as I felt the warmth of the sun, I decided to allow my paws to stay where they were."
The owner of the dog, Mikael Samuelsson, 29, of Wasilla, said his dog often sits completely in the shade, but on cooler days, is more likely to seek sun.
"My dog enjoys lounging, but does not like to be cold," Samuelsson said. "I often notice he re-positions himself in order to find sun."
The dog says he plans to continue to lounge, until he has some sort of pressing business.

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