Saturday, February 28, 2009

Local bar adjusts to group requests

Braden Thompson, a cook at Brothers Eatery and Pub, serves up a late night meal. The pub serves its full menu later on Thursday's to serve a group (photo by Jarrod Yost).

Brothers Eatery and Pub, one of the most nostalgic bars on Campus Corner, has found itself leaving the kitchen open later some days, in order to accommodate certain large groups.

The bar, which usually closes its kitchen around 10 PM, has remained open until 11:30 on certain occasions, when large groups call ahead.

Marcus Mims, a cook at Brothers, says he and his staff enjoy staying late as long as it is known in advance that a group is coming. "We like to be a place where large groups can come and hang out late at night, and eat more than just cheddar fries," Mims said. "It's an adjustment we will make for our customers if we can."

Matt Jones, an employee of Brothers, and a member of the Kappa Kappa Psi fraternity, decided to approach his fraternity about moving their meeting to Brothers so the group could be offered a full menu late at night.

"All the guys like to eat, but we don't meet until late at night, and everyone loves having the full menu options at 11 O' clock," Jones said.

Jones said that the bar will continue to at least entertain the idea of keeping the kitchen open late on certain nights, as long as the groups are large enough, and plan far enough ahead.

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