Friday, February 20, 2009

New parking lot's worth yet to be realized

The newest OU parking lot, located across Jenkins from the Huston Huffman Center, sits empty during midday (photo by Jarrod Yost).

Last spring, OU students could be seen driving around the parking lot at the Huston Huffman Center, searching hopelessly for an open spot. This spring, there are open spots to be had during most of the day. The open spots have led some students to say the new parking lot, across Jenkins from the Huffman Center, is not needed.

"I guess I don't really understand why we need to have this lot right now," OU Freshman, Matt Pombo said. "I can find a spot all the time at the Huff, I would rather see our money be spent elsewhere." 

With the future expansion of the Huffman Center, some are saying that the new parking lot will soon realize it's worth. Huffman Center employee, Sean McCauley said it is just a matter of time before students will be celebrating the new lot.

"I think it ebbs and flows," McCauley said. "Sometimes there are going to be more commuters than others, but when the Huff expands, everyone will be thrilled to use the new lot."

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