Saturday, February 28, 2009

Local bar adjusts to group requests

Braden Thompson, a cook at Brothers Eatery and Pub, serves up a late night meal. The pub serves its full menu later on Thursday's to serve a group (photo by Jarrod Yost).

Brothers Eatery and Pub, one of the most nostalgic bars on Campus Corner, has found itself leaving the kitchen open later some days, in order to accommodate certain large groups.

The bar, which usually closes its kitchen around 10 PM, has remained open until 11:30 on certain occasions, when large groups call ahead.

Marcus Mims, a cook at Brothers, says he and his staff enjoy staying late as long as it is known in advance that a group is coming. "We like to be a place where large groups can come and hang out late at night, and eat more than just cheddar fries," Mims said. "It's an adjustment we will make for our customers if we can."

Matt Jones, an employee of Brothers, and a member of the Kappa Kappa Psi fraternity, decided to approach his fraternity about moving their meeting to Brothers so the group could be offered a full menu late at night.

"All the guys like to eat, but we don't meet until late at night, and everyone loves having the full menu options at 11 O' clock," Jones said.

Jones said that the bar will continue to at least entertain the idea of keeping the kitchen open late on certain nights, as long as the groups are large enough, and plan far enough ahead.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sooner Hockey sweeps final home weekend

OU Goaltender Chad Helgason skates with a fan after friday night's 5-4 win over Liberty (photo by Jarrod Yost).

The number 6 ranked OU hockey team took two emotional games this weekend from rival, number 10 Liberty. 

The Sooners mounted an incredible comeback Friday night, overcoming a three-goal-deficit to win 5-4 in overtime.  The win was the first home overtime win in the program's six-year history.

After the game, the fans were treated to a 'Skate With the Sooners,' where all in attendance were invited to lace up the skates, and hit the ice with the home team.

Freshman Blake Martin, who scored 2 goals, and tallied 3 assists in the heart-stopping win, said the post-game skate was a fun time for all.

"We really enjoy giving back to the fans who have supported us all season," Martin said. "This was a great opportunity to thank them for a great season.

OU's 6-3 win on Saturday night was their fifth win in a row, a streak that the club hopes to continue next weekend at Arizona State, as it embarks on it's final road trip of the season. 

Friday, February 20, 2009

New parking lot's worth yet to be realized

The newest OU parking lot, located across Jenkins from the Huston Huffman Center, sits empty during midday (photo by Jarrod Yost).

Last spring, OU students could be seen driving around the parking lot at the Huston Huffman Center, searching hopelessly for an open spot. This spring, there are open spots to be had during most of the day. The open spots have led some students to say the new parking lot, across Jenkins from the Huffman Center, is not needed.

"I guess I don't really understand why we need to have this lot right now," OU Freshman, Matt Pombo said. "I can find a spot all the time at the Huff, I would rather see our money be spent elsewhere." 

With the future expansion of the Huffman Center, some are saying that the new parking lot will soon realize it's worth. Huffman Center employee, Sean McCauley said it is just a matter of time before students will be celebrating the new lot.

"I think it ebbs and flows," McCauley said. "Sometimes there are going to be more commuters than others, but when the Huff expands, everyone will be thrilled to use the new lot."

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Suspect apprehended following gun incident on OU campus

A man was arrested, and taken into custody when he was found in Broken Arrow, following an incident on OU's Norman campus. The man, identified as 5' 8" 150 pound, Michael Joseph Childers,allegedly was once a student at the university.

The alleged incident occurred Friday in Kaufman Hall, on OU's South Oval. 

OU President David Boren said in a press release Friday that the incident, "never constituted a threat to members of the general university community, but was considered a domestic dispute between two individuals."

The issue caused the University to put it's emergency notification into play, which sent countless e-mails, text messages, and phone calls to students, faculty, and staff at the university.

The alerts contained information including the garb, physical characteristics, and suspected vehicle used by Childers.
For now, Boren seemed to be content with the arrest made, saying, "There is no evidence that anyone else was involved or that anyone else was being targeted."

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sooners beat Bronchos in Physical Affair

OU wins 5-1, meets UCO again, Saturday in Edmond
OU Strength Coach, Ronnie Hayes, reaches for a bag of ice following Friday's game

The OU hockey team defeated rival UCO, Friday, in front of a standing-room only crowd at the Blazers Ice Centre. The Sooners started strong, with 3 goals in the first period, before rolling to a 5-1 victory.

The Bronchos did not go quietly into the night, as they played one of the most physical games in recent memory. OU Senior, Doug Gebbie, who scored 3 goals on the night, said he knew he was in a battle.

"UCO definitely came to play," Gebbie said. "We've got a lot of guys in there with bumps and bruises; we had to work to win this one.

While the win helped justify OU's number 6 ranking in the latest national polls, the 4-goal loss may not help UCO as they claw their way towards a national berth.

The two teams will meet again Saturday, in a game that UCO really needs if it plans on making the top 14, and penciling in a trip to nationals.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Iconic Norman building to close

One of Norman's largest buildings is now shutting down operations in light of structural concerns.
The six-story Financial Building, located at 111 N. Peters Avenues downtown, will be evacuated pending possible repairs that must be made.
The City of Norman issued a release in which building inspector, Patrick Copeland, said owners of all floors have made plans to vacate the building or have already left. The release also noted that owners of The Vista, a restaurant/bar in the building, said they will close their floors next week.
OU Sophomore, Jeff Lewin said he is most upset about the loss of The Vista.
"That was one of my favorite places to eat," Lewin said. "I will have to find another go-to eatery, I guess."
Norman city officials have contacted services from a firm in Oklahoma city in order to evaluate the building's effect on surrounding buildings. Efforts to restore the building are already underway.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

sample generic dog sits alone in the shade

A generic dog is seen today, contemplating his life's worth, while relaxing in this environment

A lonely dog sat lazily in the shade today, while his paws in the sun.

An unnamed dog sat alone today, partially in the shade, and partially in the sun. The dog said he wanted to sit only in the shade, but as the sun changed positions in the sky, a sliver of light broke through, covering his paws.
"I initially wanted to scoot my paws back into the shaded portion," the dog said. "But as I felt the warmth of the sun, I decided to allow my paws to stay where they were."
The owner of the dog, Mikael Samuelsson, 29, of Wasilla, said his dog often sits completely in the shade, but on cooler days, is more likely to seek sun.
"My dog enjoys lounging, but does not like to be cold," Samuelsson said. "I often notice he re-positions himself in order to find sun."
The dog says he plans to continue to lounge, until he has some sort of pressing business.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Gun law report draws mixed reactions from Oklahomans

In an annual report card issued by the Washington-based Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, Oklahoma ties with Kentucky and Louisiana for the weakest laws of the 50 states. The state scored it's only points by not forcing college's to allow students with permits to carry guns on campus.
Paul Helmke, president of the Brady Campaign, is unhappy with the results. 
"Oklahoma's elected officials have done nothing in the past 12 months to improve their standing when it comes to commonsense gun laws, Helmke said."  "Oklahoma continues to make it too easy for dangerous people to get dangerous weapons."
While Helmke wants Oklahoma to increase gun control laws, others like Rep. Jason Murphey, R-Guthrie, hope Oklahoma does not score any points on next year's survey,  
Murphey said a new college proposal would force criminals to think twice before committing crimes on campuses.
"We need to get some traction on closing down that gun-free bubble on college campuses," Murphey said. "We want to make sure we don't have the Brady Campaign telling criminals where to commit crimes in Oklahoma."
Student reaction at OU is also mixed, but most students say the law really won't change anything. "I don't even know anyone at school who owns a gun," OU Sophomore, Jason Zawacki said. "I don't see a change in this law making a big impact."

Sunday, February 1, 2009

OU's Howard becomes president of Hampton-Sydney College

NORMAN- Virginia's Hampden-Sydney College came all the way to Oklahoma to find it's new President. In July, Chris Howard, OU Vice President for Leadership and Strategic Initiatives, will become the 24th president in the history of the all-male university.
Chosen from 100 candidates, Howard's, "...leadership experience in the military, business, and higher education..." were among the factors which set him apart, according to the college's website.
At OU, Howard has served as Honors College professor, director of the Honors College Leadership Center and deputy executive director of the International Programs Center, since 2005
"I'm a better father and a better man because of the students whom I interact with at OU, Howard said."