Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Gun law report draws mixed reactions from Oklahomans

In an annual report card issued by the Washington-based Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, Oklahoma ties with Kentucky and Louisiana for the weakest laws of the 50 states. The state scored it's only points by not forcing college's to allow students with permits to carry guns on campus.
Paul Helmke, president of the Brady Campaign, is unhappy with the results. 
"Oklahoma's elected officials have done nothing in the past 12 months to improve their standing when it comes to commonsense gun laws, Helmke said."  "Oklahoma continues to make it too easy for dangerous people to get dangerous weapons."
While Helmke wants Oklahoma to increase gun control laws, others like Rep. Jason Murphey, R-Guthrie, hope Oklahoma does not score any points on next year's survey,  
Murphey said a new college proposal would force criminals to think twice before committing crimes on campuses.
"We need to get some traction on closing down that gun-free bubble on college campuses," Murphey said. "We want to make sure we don't have the Brady Campaign telling criminals where to commit crimes in Oklahoma."
Student reaction at OU is also mixed, but most students say the law really won't change anything. "I don't even know anyone at school who owns a gun," OU Sophomore, Jason Zawacki said. "I don't see a change in this law making a big impact."

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