Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring snow possible for Norman

Flowers are planted, most jackets have been put away, and warm temperatures have prevailed over the month of March. Now, a massive early spring blizzard may bring snowfall to Norman Friday afternoon into early Saturday.

According to, Norman has recorded four days in March with temperatures in the eighties, which has led some students to think winter was over. 

"I was ready for summer," OU freshman Jason Zawacki said. "If it snows, I'm gonna be really upset, quite honestly." says there is a one hundred-percent chance of precipitation Friday, and Saturday, and predicts anywhere from 1-3" of snow in the OKC Metro area.

The winter snap should end late Saturday, when temperatures are expected to climb into the forties. 

Other states in the Mid-west will not be out of the woods, however. Massive flooding, is expected in North Dakota, Minnesota, and South Dakota, in the next few days, as record snow totals begin to melt, and rivers continue to rise.

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